Leaderfins Hyper monofin for sale

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This picture shows the monofin type, not the actual mono!
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Leaderfins Hyper monofin for sale

HozzászólásSzerző: Serge » 2007 június 26. kedd 11:25:42

I'm selling my first and only monofin!

Well, here's what you get for the buck:

- Leaderfins Hyper, foot pocket size M (about 42), Medium/Hard blade softness

- black robber, yellow blade (see also photo)

- Used about 1 year, in pool and some not-so-deep diving

- Comes with big monofin bag (takes two monofins in fact)

The brand maker webpage of this particular mono is here
http://www.leaderfins.com/cgi-bin/form. ... 1182848818

Selling for two reasons. It's my first monofin, ordered online and as most novices i went for a harder blade than i should have and smaller foot pocket than i should have... not fully confortable in my case. Besides, i am going no-fins philosophy, so my mono is mostly entertaining the skiies at home!

I will be in Maribor next week, if you are there or know somebody who'll be there, come along and have a go with the goody, see if you like it.

I let it go for 200 EUR, bag included, assuming no shipment costs will be needed. Alternatively, if you have a lighter mono that you wanna trade in, we can talk business!


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